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i think a lot, and i write a lot.  not everything i write deserves to be on the insanity page --- some of it is honest literature, some of it recounts strange happenings, some is email philosophizing or reminiscing.  some are interesting, some are stupid, but i like to keep things like that to read every now and then, as a kind of diary or memoirs.

and as long as i'm going to the trouble of archiving the stuff for myself, i might as well share...  none of these stories have been edited for content, and abosultely none were ever spell-checked, so beware.

Read at your own risk.

please feel free to drop me a line saying what you think of these things...

	Dec 30 1997 ??:?? musings about the time i got locked out... another true story
	Jan ?? 1998 ??:?? some personal philosophical questions (and my answers)
	Jul 08 1998 20:23 some stupid sci-fi conspiracy thing i thought up on lunch break
	Dec 29 1999 20:46 surprisingly straight answers to a goofy email survey
	Jan 04 1999 ??:?? harkening back to the old days... (nostalgia about BASIC)
	Jan 08 1999 09:26 musings on an icy morning...
	Mar 12 1999 20:51 oxygen deprivation
	Apr 06 1999 23:45 some crazy little kid with a vacuum cleaner
	May 16 1999 17:25 The Tenth Planet (a cheesy sci-fi short story)
	May 31 1999 23:10 an anecdote from the grocery store
	Jul  4 1999 12:33 aoy's beginnings
	Aug 18 1999 22:23 the tale of ``shelly'', among other things
	Sep 09 1999 16:54 rosa parks lives in the back of my refrigerator.
	Nov 13 1999 13:58 installation horrors
	Jan 30 2000 23:42 file archaeology reveals a blurb about my greatest accomplishment
	Sep 30 2002 11:02 this is a story about chickens
	Jan 31 2004 21:28 The tale of B-Day

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