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Leave Bronx Credits and Thank-Yous and Other Stuff

(a.k.a. Liner Notes)

Recorded at Exile on Journal Studios by As of Yet, June - July 1996
Produced by Scott
Mixed by Scott and Kristian
Remastered by Rick and Dwight at Toys in the Attic Studio

All songs written and arranged by As of Yet
Copyright 1996 by As of Yet

Thanks to:

the Wrocklage
Ross Compton
Robin Kidd
WRFL and Aardvark
Kevin Manning?
Allison Griffin
friends and family
Michelle and Dwight Dunlap
Chase Krumpelman
Dave Angstrom
Dave next door
Stephen Thomas and other guilty parties in UK College of Architecture (Archimecca)
Tim McNally
Scot Kaeff
Mary Ann's mom for the magnetic letters

Super-spiffy J-cards by Karen Sumpter