Smart RockTM

The Band

Kristian --- guitars Kristian's head

Originally from:  Edgewood, KY
Musical influences: Neil Young, Iron Maiden (in the old days), They Might Be Giants

Neal --- drums Neal's head

Originally from:  Chicago by way of Louisville, KY
Musical Influences:  The Rolling Stones, all British invasion rock, and the seventies

Andy --- bass Andy's head

Originally from:  Louisville, KY
Musical Influneces: Led Zeppelin, Isaac Hayes, R.E.M., and many others

Scott --- guitars, vocals Scott

Originally from:  Louisa, KY
Musical influences:  80's metal (in the old high school days), 50's Jazz (Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, etc), 70's rock, 80's new wave


The Story

Kristian, Neal, and Scott met in '92 at a camp for nerdy kids, where there was some unrehearsed stuff that was a lot of fun. Later, the three wound up in the same dorm at UK, where they decided to start a band. After scheduling the first gig, they found a bassist among the other in habitants of the dorm, and a name at the very last minute.

Most of the early material was stuff written alone and brought in, but later material came out of jamming in Neal's house in Louisville, or in a rental property in the student ghetto. With a sound that is not easy to describe in terms of "we sound like these guys", they found it hard to get bookings, and the number of club gigs was disappointingly small. Instead, they spent an inordinate amount of time and effort in borrowing or renting recording equipement and producing three home-made albums, Brad's Sleeping in '95, Leave Bronx in '97, and Concealed by Shadows in '98..

Scott (who is having a really hard time writing this in third person) maintained the band web site back in these early days of the internet; much of the content of this site is original from back then.

By '99, real life caught up with them, and the band fell apart as members got jobs and moved away. Since then there have been other projects. Andy dropped out of contact. Neal moved around quite a lot and now does crazy stuff in his spared time. Kristian played with Inside Out in Nashville, and for a time in Cat Saint Jane with Scott. Scott continued with Cat Saint Jane as they became Season One, and eventually broke up.