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Group photo from 1996

Sketch from a gig in 1996

Goofing around, 2 Nov 97.   Yes, we were actually playing, in Neal and Kristian's attic (where Scott once lived), to the tune of ``Gimme Shelter.'

photos © 1997 by Amy Teeple

a very happy andy Andy as of yet's `guitar duo' as of yet's `guitar duo,' again G. E. Smith? Klaene's best side Neal Neal's action photo Neal wanker 1 wanker 2 wanker 3 The World's Best Rhyth Section The World's Best Rhyth Section The World's Best Rhyth Section with Kristian

Saturday, 25 April 98, UK's North Campus. Barbecue and live music. When we were asked to play, Neal had already planned to be in Chicago that day. So, John Rucker played drums. We didn't know that zabet was planning on taking pictures.

photos © 1998 by elizabeth stewart

group shot, standing around
Andy looks right Andy gettin' down Hi! ooh
John the drummer John the drummer (reprise) John looks pensive John says, ``What are they doin'?''
Kristian talks to the masses Kristian is in his own little world Kristian3 Kristian4
scott -- blurry a good shot of scott's hair Scott likes to play... nothing else is important scott sings till he's blue in the face

Saturday, 23 May 1998, Richmond, KY. Promo photos taken around town, and live shots on the stage at the Firehouse Lounge.

photos © 1998 by elizabeth stewart

as of yet
from the front, with poor lighting full speed ahead earthshaking groove?
blurry scott, in motion andy, the rockstar neal in action klaene in red
sheer determination backstage, with the graffiti film of stooges