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'86 Miles' cover

The first single by AoY:

86 Miles to Chicago
Rising Sun

While waiting impatiently for the release of Leave Bronx in the fall of 1996, we decided to create a buzz by releasing a single, the way all the big record companies do. Of course, we aren't a big record company and couldn't fund or promote the way they do, but we can pretend.

At a special acoustic show at the Coffee Stop in early December of 1996 (captured on tape by the masterful Chase Krumpelman), we proudly made our first official public release. The single contained two songs, "86 Miles to Chicago," the second track on the upcoming album, and "Rising Sun," another AoY original that wouldn't fit under the 42-minute limit imposed by the tape medium used for Leave Bronx. This version of "Rising Sun" features Kristian alone on the vocals, a super-pimpy acoustic intro and bridge, and the tune's original, brooding A-minor ending. Compare this with the rock'n'roll battle royale that closes Concealed by Shadows a year later...

We assembled this home-made release from a 50-pack of 15-minute tapes, and sold them for the staggering price of $1. About five remain; if you really want one (a super-fan, maniacal collector?), just email one of the band members...

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