Smart RockTM
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Once upon a time in the 1990's, some college kids made a rock and roll band. Hard to believe, isn't it? They had a web page and made recordings and played for people, and then went on to other things. But the web site never actually went away. This is that web site. It's here mostly for nostalgia, and to share what we did, now that the technology finally exists. (We couldn't easily put whole songs on the web in the 90's, before Napster or the iTunes store...)

What does As of Yet sound like?

So what is As of Yet all about? What does As of Yet sound like?

As of Yet has a style that is made of different styles. Some songs sound like classic rock or alternative or jazz or blues or metal, but we are none of those things. There are tons of things we aren't. Still, our songs are well-crafted and thought-out, and even the formless jamming has plenty of rationale and philosophy behind it. Therefore, we're giving a new name to our heretofore unnamed niche: “Smart Rock.”

We'll play anything that rocks. -- Neal